Ghiropelli Srl was founded in the Tuscan Leather District in 1996, as a result of a long-time experience in the tanning sector. 

Our company is a global point of reference concerning raw-hide trading, as it operates in the major European and extra-European markets.

Passed down through three generations, our expertise and skills in raw-hide cutting and trading are available to our customers to ensure undisputed-quality supply. Reliability, honesty and loyalty lead our everyday activities to help us guarantee the utmost client satisfaction.

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and tradition

Imagine you are in ancient Athens around 430 BC. Walking along the crowded streets of the Polis, you might come across someone who was quite well-known at the time: Cleon, working as a leather tanner as usual.

Leather has been part of our civilization for millennia; it has been used as a shelter from the cold, made shoes more comfortable, served as the material to manufacture different types of objects. In short, it has been a constant presence in the development of our culture.

Its natural feature, versatility and connection with the environment have allowed leather to succeed as a material that still represents elegance and sustainability.

Wearing leather sandals today may give us the same sensation Cleon used to feel during his walk to the Athenian Assembly.

Such ancient, natural, and eco-friendly material is what we at Ghiropelli Srl have been treated with passion for over 30 years.

We are proud to treat a material that comes from such ancient times, connecting us to the cultural development of our civilization and to the environment that surrounds us. 

We are proud to be part of this connection to the past; Perhaps, Cleon would have been proud too.

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