Cut and selection

of raw hides

Ghiropelli Srl has been one of the first companies to provide raw-hide cutting for third parties.

Our skilled artisans cut the leather manually, according to ancient cutting techniques that are passed down through generations. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the material, the manual cutting allows several customization possibilities.

Taglio E Selezione Pelli
Servizio Deposito Pelli Grezz

only the best

of leather

Every day, the management team itself takes care of the selection and cutting of the materials, in order to meet all clients’ needs.

Customers have the opportunity to follow each cutting stage, interacting directly with the company and making sure to satisfy all their product-related needs.

In addition to the most common cuts (rump, shoulder, flank), we can also provide other cuts: forepart, breech, forepart flank.