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Ghiropelli Srl was founded in the Tuscan Leather District in 1996, as a result of a long-time experience in the tanning sector.

Today, we serve the major global markets with a varied array of products, such as raw hides, wet blue, wet white, crust, pickle, and leather. 

The expertise we have gained over the years serve our main mission: satisfying all our clients’ needs. 

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Raw-hide trading

Ghiropelli Srl is a global point of reference when it comes to trading fresh salted cow hide. 

The major Italian and European slaughterhouses supply us the cow hides after a careful selection of the materials.

Raw-hide cutting and selection

Ghiropelli Srl has been one of the first companies to provide raw-hide cutting for third parties.

Our skilled artisans cut the leather manually, according to ancient cutting techniques that are passed down through generations. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the material, the manual cutting allows several customization possibilities.

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Raw hides storage

Ghiropelli Srl offers the opportunity to store raw hides in special refrigerating rooms located in our facility.

The refrigerating rooms undergo frequent maintenance activities and controls, so that they always comply with the highest safety and quality law standards.

Porterage and export assistance

Customers can rely on our expert, qualified staff for porterage and loading/unloading services.

This way, they can outsource low-value operations and engage the retrieved resources in their production process. 

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    We know how important it is for our business to respect the environment, as well as human beings and animals; This is why we always act with the utmost transparency to ensure product traceability. To make our commitment official and to comply with the highest law standards in our industry, we were happy to obtain some internationally recognized certifications, such as LWG and ICEC, which guarantee product traceability.